Blazo brings a rechargeable desk fan and desk lamp into the space of one - Yanko Design

Blazo brings a rechargeable desk fan and desk lamp into the space of one – Yanko Design

We would all love to have as much space as we need, but the reality is that physical space will always be limited. We could have a big desk or a shelf, for example, to store all our stationery and such, but that also means less floor space for other things. Many people try to be smart by buying multifunctional products or modular furniture that can be arranged and used according to their needs. Sometimes the combinations make sense, but other times you might be scratching your head too. This desk fan, for example, looks almost ordinary, that is, until you flip on the switch to light things up, literally.

Creator: Pratik Prabhakar Wandhare

Almost everyone needs some sort of lamp at some point. Some like a directional light on their desk, while others prefer lights hanging at a higher angle. Granted, not everyone needs an electric fan, especially in countries where it’s almost always cold most of the year or where people rely on air conditioning most of the time. Then again, with the recent freak heat waves in many countries, having a fan ready might not be such a bad idea.

This may be part of the inspiration behind the Blazo device concept. At first glance, it looks like an electric fan attached to a camera gimbal. The design of this unconventional arm and stand was apparently an educational globe. The Blazo’s fan can rotate up and down 360 degrees, and it can also rotate 360 ​​degrees so no direction is left out. This means that the lamp can also point in the same direction, although you probably want to keep the fan steady in this case, unless you’re aiming for an impromptu light show.

The LED light has different levels of brightness so you can use the same lamp as a desk lamp, night lamp or anything in between. Blazo runs on a rechargeable battery and using the light alone can make it last for 8 hours. The fan and lamp working together would reduce that time to just three or four hours, although the design doesn’t mention how long the fan would last on its own.

Blazo is flexible not only in his direction and aim, but also in his stance. Although the most basic setup would place it on a desk, it can also be mounted on a wall if you prefer some sort of hanging projector. The stand is telescoping, so it can be adjusted to any height you want, although it doesn’t seem to be high enough for a conventional pedestal fan.

Although the multifunctional design looks refined and useful, it raises the question of who needs to have an electric fan and a lamp at the same time. Most people will probably only use one function or another at a time and not simultaneously, because having a fan on a desk so close to your face can actually be a little uncomfortable. Still, there might be other cases where a ceiling fan with a spotlight or a nightlight with a fan could justify such a space-saving design, but it might take a bit of stretching the imagination to make one. solid case.

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