Balenciaga has big plans for the metaverse

Balenciaga has big plans for the metaverse

Balenciaga has been bridging fashion and the digital world for some time now, from its video game-inspired lookbook to its collaboration with Fortnite.

Following Facebook’s renaming to Meta, a Twitter interaction between the tech giant and the fashion house unfolded, leading fans to speculate that something might be in the works. To fashion companyAt the annual Voices of Balenciaga conference, Balenciaga CEO Cédric Charbit confirmed that the brand has big plans.

Charbit announced that Balenciaga is creating a company dedicated to exploring marketing and commerce in the Metaverse, continuing its innovation and presence in the virtual world. Basically, we’ll all be able to wear Balenciaga couture on our digital dates. He also added that at one point more than 100 developers were working on the new venture.

The label is also set to show off their upcoming collection titled “The Lost Tape,” which will debut with an accompanying video.

Recently, Balenciaga also took its Haute Couture collection to mainland China, showcasing the range in Shanghai, as customers could not travel to Paris for the show due to COVID-19 restrictions. “China’s influence is everywhere – aesthetically, economically, culturally and in fashion – so it was important for us to be present in this market with the top of the pyramid in terms of Balenciaga’s offering,” said Charbit.

Balenciaga does it well. The luxury house follows the wave and does not hesitate to innovate and adapt new techniques and methods to grow the brand.

Many fashion houses are starting to dip their toes into the world of NFTs and crypto, but no one does it quite like Balenciaga. If brands want to succeed, they need to adapt and keep moving forward, not stay tied to the past.

There’s a lot to be said for the move to the metaverse mimicking that of physical publishing and online retail. Early adopters were successful, and those who were too hesitant soon expired.

It remains to be seen how Balenciaga’s digital presence will grow, but we’re excited to follow the journey.

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