“Authentic Balenciaga looks” released in Fortnite video game

Fashion house Balenciaga has collaborated with video game Fortnite to release a collection of limited-edition gaming and physical apparel.

Digital clothing, which was informed by BalenciagaThe previous collections of, were created for four characters in the game.

Balenciaga has designed a range of digital clothing, which is available for purchase on Fortnite

The players of Fortnitea Battle Royale video game developed by Epic Games using the Unreal Engine platform, can purchase the skins and accessories to customize the playable characters in the game.

This collaboration follows the release of Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, in December 2020, a video game developed by Epic Games to present Balenciaga’s Fall Winter 2021 collection.

A fortnite character is dressed in balenciaga
The collaboration includes models from previous collections

“Our partnership with Epic didn’t start with Fortnite, actually,” Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia said.

“It all started with our own first video game, Afterworld, which we built using Unreal Engine to launch our fall 2021 collection.”

A hoodie has fortnite printed on it
The Fortnite logo is placed on the front of a hoodie

“Of [Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow]we continued to be inspired by the creativity of the Unreal and Fortnite communities,” said Gvasalia.

“It made perfect sense to me that we would collaborate more creating these authentic Balenciaga looks for Fortnite and a new set of Fortnite physical apparel for our stores.”

Fortnite character wears digital glitter outfit
A striped one-piece from Balenciaga’s Spring 2020 collection

Digital clothing features the Fall Winter 2021 armor-style medieval pieces, as well as jagged jeans with tracksuit lining, and an animal-stripe look from his spring 2020 collection.

In-game weaponry has also received a high-fashion update in the form of signature branded accessories.

Sock-style Speed ​​sneakers have been transformed into a range of pickaxes and the brand’s Hourglass bag has been modified for use as a glider.

“Fashion has a long history in the Fortnite community, where players have the agency to present themselves as they wish in our world,” said epic games President Adam Susman.

“Self-expression is one of the things that makes Fortnite so unique, and there couldn’t be a better premier fashion partner than Balenciaga for bringing its authentic designs and cutting-edge culture to millions of players around the world. worldwide.”

Armored balenciaga items can be purchased in-game
Clothing got a Fortnite twist

A virtual store, which mirrors the design of Balenciaga’s physical locations, will appear in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode in a location aptly named Retail Row where players can purchase the apparel.

A limited run of physical apparel will be available featuring the Fortnite logo on core Balenciaga apparel, including hoodies, denim jackets, and button-down shirts.

Balenciaga shoes are used as weapons
Speed ​​trainers have been turned into pickaxes

The clothing in the game was created from existing 3D scans of Balenciaga’s designs. The Fortnite team then recreated and modified the clothing for the game with a “Fortnite spin”.

The game developers behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine explained that virtual and physical worlds are becoming increasingly blurry.

“By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Balenciaga has been able to woo a new digital-native audience, unconstrained by the boundaries of either world,” Unreal Engine said.

The Balenciaga bag has been transformed into a Fortnite glider
A Balenciaga Hourglass bag has been redesigned for in-game use

Earlier this year, Gucci launched digital sneakers that people can “wear” in augmented reality and in photos for social media.

In 2019, Louis Vuitton released a video game titled Endless Runner which was informed by its Fall Winter 2019 show.

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