Apex Legends: Hunted - Our big Respawn interview

Apex Legends: Hunted – Our big Respawn interview

Apex Legends: Hunted introduces Vantage, the next legend who also happens to be a sniper. Ahead of its reveal and the arrival of Apex Legends: Hunted, we sat down with Respawn to talk all things Vantage. Speaking to Chris Winder, Lead Legend Designer on Vantage, and Kevin Lee, Narrative Designer on Vantage, we started by talking about how a sniper could fit into the game.

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When you look at the sniper in a competitive shooter in a first person shooter, they tend to have a very specific role. Also, something of a niche role too. How did this idea of ​​a traditional sniper factor into the design of Vantage?

chris winder: The challenge was to create a character based on that sniper fantasy, long-range engagement. But, without prescribing a particular style of play. For players who want to play that way, they can, but that doesn’t force the Vantage character to be like that or play like that. Ultimately, Apex is a BR shooter based on the loot you find in the field. So your skill with these guns and the guns you find along the way should dictate a lot about how you play. Certainly more than the capacities.

For Vantage, we wanted to create gameplay that encourages this long-term commitment. Giving him the Passive, to give you information about the squads that are out there, and feel like you can scout over long distances, is one. And then the Ultimate fulfills that role of adding a sniper weapon, a long-range weapon that you don’t have to go anywhere to find to maximize that potential with that character. These are some of the things we kept in mind when developing Vantage and trying to find the right phrase for a sniper kit in Apex.

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