Anti-Fast Fashion Search Engines

Anti-Fast Fashion search engines

Remake is a non-profit organization founded by Ayesha Barenblat that aims to make the fashion industry more transparent and sustainable through its unique brand directory website. The website, also called Remake, rates fashion brands on how ethical and sustainable their practices are. The organization’s rating system takes into account six “areas of impact”, which include transparency, traceability, manufacturer welfare, environmental sustainability, raw materials and leadership.

Remake’s scoring system is comprehensive and comprehensive; brands are scored out of 100 and are even rated based on the size and complexity of their supply chains. All of the brands that have been rated by the company are available to consumers through the Remake website, which houses an easy-to-use search engine.

“The idea behind our brand directory was to be an industry watchdog. Rather than encouraging foolish purchases, we arm our readers with knowledge so they can make more informed choices and hold the ‘more responsible industry,” Ayesha Barenblat said in a recent interview with Fashion Magazine.

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