Ad of the day: Balenciaga's Fortnite 3D billboard impresses London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul

Ad of the day: Balenciaga’s Fortnite 3D billboard impresses London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul

Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga and online video game Fortnite have teamed up to attract citizens of London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul by creating a spectacular real-world immersive 3D billboard experience.

The Eye-catching Execution Away (OOH) sees a favorite Fortnite-wearing Doggo wearing Balenciaga looming larger than life on the sidewalks, bringing the partnership to the physical world in a highly entertaining and potentially somewhat shocking way.

The billboard scene was assembled in Unreal Engine, and the team took advantage of real-time ray tracing and physics-based lighting materials to make Doggo feel like he really is. each place. Knowing the position of the sun based on the time of day, as well as its position in the sky, helped achieve a realistic aesthetic. Passers-by have noted that deep screens work best when standing at specific angles.

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As part of a larger campaign, the fashion brand and Epic Games, which developed Fortnite, carefully scanned materials and apparel from all directions for an authentic representation of the brand’s aesthetic in the world of gaming. Game.

Players looking to look their best will be able to visit a virtual Balenciaga store showcasing digital apparel, which can be purchased outright or unlocked through a physical purchase.

For over 50 years, Balenciaga has been pushing the boundaries of fashion with era-defining outfits and is the first high fashion brand to step into Fortnite.

His collaboration with the game and his ongoing work with Unreal Engine offer fascinating insight into the kinds of innovative crossover experiences that are now possible, opening up new ways to connect with each other.

The migration of high fashion into the gaming world may seem strange, but it’s a trend that has grown in recent years. Brands that traditionally catered to an elite minority, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, are now donning their collections on millions of in-game avatars. It’s a well-played move that opens them up to a whole new world of buyers.

Balenciaga x Fortnite: 3D billboard


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