Aastey partners with Climes to build a sustainable future together - Indiaretailing.com

Aastey partners with Climes to build a sustainable future together – Indiaretailing.com

Aastey, India’s leading sustainable and size-inclusive sportswear brand for women, has announced its partnership with Climes. This climate tech company offers carbon neutralization as a service for consumer brands. This partnership will allow the aastey tribe to use Climes’ accessible and user-friendly solutions to have a tangible impact on the planet. The brand enables carbon mitigation through “one-click climate action” at checkout.

Speaking about the partnership, Jeevika Tyagi, co-founder and CEO of aastey, said, “We are a sustainable brand that continuously strives to build a more transparent ecosystem. We want our tribe to see the positive impact they can create by making a better choice. This partnership brings us closer to our goal of building a more active aastey tribe, here to live aastey. Sustainability and carbon footprint reduction have always been two of our 4 brand values, and this helps us to further activate our values. »

Anirudh Gupta, co-founder of Climes, said: “aastey has been a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion. Today, they go even further by partnering with Climes and offering carbon neutrality as an option to their customers. Their products are significantly more climate positive and have a lower carbon footprint than most of the fashion industry. It’s amazing to see them doing the right thing by choosing to transparently show what remains of reduced emissions over the life cycle of each product. Sustainability is now a license to be in the market. Climate-conscious consumers will finally have the choice to buy more responsibly with brands like aastey taking the lead in our fight for the climate.

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