A united vision of a sustainable future

A united vision of a sustainable future

As a key producer of sustainable raw materials that go into the manufacture of basic necessities such as paper, green packaging, edible oils, energy and clothing, the group strives to ensure a green footprint in all its operations.

“Sustainability means that if we produce from land, we also have to protect it,” says Bey Soo Khiang, Vice President of RGE.

From forest to fashion

RGE’s sustainability approach is rooted in the 5Cs – doing good for the community, the country, the climate, the customer and the company. It has also integrated ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations into all of its operations, which are aligned with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, a key initiative to ensure that Singapore remains livable for future generations.

This means that RGE is always looking to involve more partners in its green journey.

For example, it is collaborating with the National University of Singapore’s Center for Nature-based Climate Solutions on the RER to develop carbon projects that will help tackle climate change. As part of the three-year collaboration with RGE, the university will also receive funding for staff costs, scholarships and other operating expenses.

At the same time, RGE is also partnering with organizations in Singapore to give a green boost to other sectors.

An example is the textile industry, which contributes around 7% of global carbon emissions. Difficulties recycling textiles have also added to a burgeoning waste problem. It is expected that 90 million tonnes of textile waste will be disposed of every year, with this number estimated to rise to 134 million tonnes by 2030.

Although Singapore does not manufacture textiles, it contributes to the carbon footprint by importing clothing. As the world’s largest producer of viscose rayon – a natural material commonly used in clothing – RGE believes this can make a difference and is looking to tap into the country’s research and development capabilities for textile recycling solutions.

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