A step towards a more conscious and sustainable mode of consumption.

Meet Your Wardrobe is now directly integrated into Revstance’s checkout process.

Meet Your Wardrobe is a premier peer-to-peer rental/resale platform with industry-leading consumer sustainability analytics built into its wardrobe usage tracking functionality.

We have created a feature to connect your Revstance profile to your Meet Your Wardrobe profile.

Starting today, when you buy anything on Revstance, you can move items directly from your orders page to your wardrobe in Meet Your Wardrobe.

This is an important step in offering our customers the opportunity to become more sustainable and conscious in the way they consume fashion.

Now on Revstance you will not only be able to support independent brands, but you will also do so in a more sustainable way.

You can find out more about Meet Your Wardrobe on their website:

You can learn more about Revstance on its website:

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