80s Fashion for Women: 6 Incredible Style Moments We Still Love Today

Orin Carlin

The 1980s are not necessarily best known for being a particularly fashionable eraDynasty cliff-hangers, trifles and the golden age of Top of the Pops might come to mind, but the style? So less.

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Wait – that’s not quite right. Contrary to popular belief, the decade wasn’t completely devoid of fashionable moments (if you firmly block perms and combinations from your mind, that is), in fact, there were Incredibly stylish women at the time who rocked some major outfits that we’re still a lot into today.

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Good morning! Fashion looks back at some fashion looks from the 80s that we still love today:

The Joan Collins Powersuit

Power dressing was all the rage in the 1980s, and actress Joan Collins was on the bill with it Dynasty character Nolan Miller’s wardrobe. Think boxy shapes, stunning lapels and peplum blazers that meant business.

Princess Diana’s shoulder dress

The late Princess Diana is a fashion icon for more reasons than we can list, and her burgundy velvet dress with large shoulder pads is just one example. This piece has beautiful feminine lines and wouldn’t even look out of place today in a collection of The Vampire’s Wife.

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The Kate Bush peasant dress

Thanks to Foreign Things, we’re currently in the midst of a Kate Bush revival – and while we’re enjoying the resurgence of Run up that hillwe’d also warmly welcome her signature red floral peasant dress in 2022.

The Madonna Layered Necklace Moment

It is quite fair to say that Madonna is a kind of style chameleon – the singer is constantly reinventing her image, and always has. Harnessing the power of clothes and makeup to their fullest is her superpower, and this gold layered necklace moment is texture heaven — we’re hooked.

Sade open-back top

Smooth operator Singer Sade was one of the incomparable beauties of the 1980s, and her high-necked, halter-neck white top she wore to perform on stage in 1985 will go down in history.

The Cindy Crawford leather jacket

Arguably, model Cindy Crawford’s voluminous 1980s mane steals the show here, but we can’t stop thinking about her shiny leather jacket and miniskirt combo.

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