8 of the best waist brands to buy

8 of the best waist brands to buy

There’s nothing more frustrating than liking an item of clothing and then discovering that it doesn’t come in your size. Or even worse, discovering a store or an entire brand that doesn’t have your size. No one should have to wear clothes that are too big or too small for them because it’s the closest thing they could find to something they really love. Style shouldn’t have size! Fortunately, brands have improved over the years in terms of size inclusiveness. There are tons of amazing clothing stores and brands out there that include sizing and sizing right, without sacrificing style.

Keep reading to check out these stylish size-inclusive brands!

Noisy bodies

Founded on the mission to prove that style has no size, Patricia Luiza Blaj created Loud Bodies. A clothing brand here for all your inclusive, ethical and sustainable fashion needs. Wearing sizes XXS to 10X! Now, that’s a size range that we can reach. It’s amazing how powerful clothes can be. By offering beautiful and stylish designs in such an extensive size range, the brand simultaneously silences negative inner thoughts with the message that everyone has the right to wear their clothes. The brand’s clothes are full of strong prints, colors, bows and ruffles – perfect for adding special pieces that you will cherish forever in your wardrobe!


If you’re looking for quality, size-inclusive sportswear, you have to check out Girlfriend! Not only do they offer clothes from XXS to 6XL, but the clothes are made from recycled materials! We wouldn’t make Girlfriend’s clothes just for workouts either – her super stylish styles could definitely be taken to the streets.

Universal standard

Breaking down barriers, focusing on inclusion and challenging the industry standard are all things the Universal Standard brand does. With styles ranging from 00 to 40 and a range of clothing styles from denim and dresses to underwear, you can probably find everything you’re looking for in terms of dress, here. The shop is full of an assortment of basics perfect for building your wardrobe. We love everything this brand stands for!


It all starts with what’s underneath! Whether you’re looking for underwear or activewear, Knix has you covered. Knix products are designed to make you feel good about yourself. There is no other insider brand like this! From waterproof underwear to wireless bras, Knix has thought of everything.

California Tuesday

Founded by Tuesday Bassen, an award-winning illustrator is Tuesday of California. You can be the same size as someone and have a completely different body type, so in addition to offering a range of sizes from XXS to 7XL, the brand also emphasizes an adjustable fit. Tuesday of California offers a range of meaningful and stylish basics that will last in your wardrobe. We love the “Shop by Size” feature on their website, which lets you see exactly what you can get in your size.


With its wide range of clothing and brands, ASOS has options for everyone at just about every price point. It can literally be your one-stop-shop for an entire outfit, from head to toe! You can even shop by “body fit” in the categories: Curve & Plus Size, Maternity, Petite, and Tall. Making ASOS one of our top picks for size inclusive brands!

Oge Ajibe

If you haven’t discovered Oge Ajibe yet, you’re missing out! They have so many cute and stylish pieces full of lovely prints and silhouettes. They wear sizes XS to 5XL! Oge Ajibe aims to make people feel comfortable and fashionable in their bodies, while emphasizing sustainability! We love their aim to highlight those underrepresented in the fashion industry – a much needed breath of fresh air!

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh has a pretty decent size range, and let’s face it. The price is right! You can find just about any apparel you might need at Joe Fresh, from swimwear to activewear to everyday wear. Her clothes have a ton of cute and affordable options in most pieces ranging from XS to 3XL.

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