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7 ways to look stylish even when you’re broke

Given the country’s economic situation, it can be very difficult to stay fashionable and stylish.

Well, it’s still possible to maintain a great sense of fashion even with little to no money. You don’t have to wear every designer in the world to look fashionable.

You wouldn’t believe it’s possible to have expensive clothes, bags and shoes at your disposal and not dress so well. It all comes down to your ability to play the fashion game so well.

Combining your clothes so well to give you an elegant look is an indication of great fashion sense. This is how one looks good even on a limited budget or being broke.

1. Opt for second-hand clothes

You don’t have to wear designer clothes to look good. There are many second-hand clothes that can make you fashionable. Shop thrift stores you can trust online and locally. Choose quality clothes that match your style.

2. Have a nice haircut or hairstyle

A great outfit without a great haircut or hairstyle that complements it is a complete waste of time. Make sure your hair is properly cut or neatly wrapped. You can also make hairstyles suitable for your pocket according to your budget.

3. Use props

Adding accessories to your outfit enhances your look even when you have little money. Just a chain or a wristwatch can change your look. A brooch on your suit can add elegance to your outfits. You don’t have to use fancy items to look cool or classic.

4. Combine colors with precision

The ability to combine colors correctly while choosing your outfit shows great fashion sense. This is why having designers does not guarantee elegance in your look. Learn how to wear and combine the right colors according to your style.

5. Wear clothes that suit your body type or style.

Don’t imitate styles on social media or on people if they don’t match your styles or body shape. Buying and wearing clothes that match your style helps you look chic and stylish even when you’re broke. It would tell people that you are good at fashion.

6. Maintain good hygiene

This is so important in your offering to dress well, even on a limited budget. Take your bath or shower to get rid of body odor from sweat. Get some good perfumes, deodorants. Wear a well-ironed shirt or dress. Take good care of your skin with the right body care products that are right for you. Layer your edges properly and wear minimal makeup products.

7. Walk with confidence

Confidence is the best outfit you can wear. Walking with so much confidence adds to your look, even when you feel like you bought your outfit from a thrift store. No one could understand that when you walk so gracefully.

Can you see that you can look good and be debt free?


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