6 sustainable independent fashion brands to support all year round

While Earth Month gives us a special opportunity to really focus on the environment, being mindful of our consumption should be a year-round effort. That’s why so many of us have opted for sustainable clothing.

While fast fashion isn’t entirely a faux pas yet, choosing to buy second-hand and vintage clothing or ethically made clothing has fortunately become the new wave, providing a platform for resourceful designers to showcase their innovative and repurposed clothing. House of Sunny has quickly become an Instagram cult favorite for its painterly designs made from vegan yarns, while the New York-based brand Cool is a build uses deadstock and custom fabrics to create its bespoke effervescent crop tops and micro-minis. With an emerging slew of ultra-cool, eco-conscious brands to shop from, embracing sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be difficult.

Read on to discover six sustainable independent fashion brands.

Founded by Chloe Neu, Cool Is A Construct offers bright and bold prints in the form of eye-catching halter neck dresses, matching bandeau and skirt sets, as well as sun-kissed bikinis and flattering one-piece swimsuits. Although based in New York, the ethically made brand instantly transports customers to tropical lands with its signature floral aesthetic.

UNLESS is a pioneer in the sustainable fashion industry because all of its products are 100% plant-based. Collaborating with Mother Nature for its designs, UNLESS leaves absolutely no plastic waste behind. Her clothes will naturally decompose if composted, but can also come back to the innovative brand to be repaired and resold.

While GANNI is known for its cheerful and effortless approach to fashion, the Copenhagen-based ready-to-wear brand takes sustainability seriously, as it has increased its use of responsibly sourced fabrics to 73% over the past of the last two years and expresses himself on his objectives for a more ethical future.

Inspired by the work of David Hockney, House of Sunny has a fun yet meticulous approach to design. Using eco-friendly production technology, as well as recycled materials and biodegradable packaging, the London-based brand has become cult among fashion girls, with its attention to detail and compassion for the Earth.

Inspired by the blurring lines between work and play, British lifestyle brand Lyle & Scott have reinvigorated their centerpieces using 100% organic cotton from sustainable sources to reduce water wastage throughout the day. production process. The curated range of refined basics will make it easy to embrace sustainable fashion.

Established as the antithesis of fast fashion, MaisonCléo creates truly unique designs that instantly make you want to leave the mall for good. With its positively sexy silhouettes and flirtatious clothes, the French brand quickly became a catwalk favourite. Its Spring/Summer 2022 collection is also entirely handmade, as founder Marie Dewet says it “takes pride” to show how successful sustainable fashion can be.

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