11 Mixed Print Dresses for Days You Just Can’t Choose

Florals, polka dots and gingham are all some of our favorite fashion prints. And while they make up a good part of our summer wardrobe – and will even get us through the colder seasons with the right tights, boots and sweaters – sometimes the full block print can feel a bit, well… dull.

Always on the lookout for something fun, fresh and a little funky, we’re turning to mixed print dresses this year because what’s better than just one design? Two (or more) for that extra patterned pizzazz. Yes, it may look like you’ve cut out your favorite dresses and sewn various pieces back together, but that’s the whole point. Wouldn’t life be a little easier without having to choose between so many options, after all?

Whether you’re looking for a wedding guest outfit, something for that next barbecue, or just a dress to wear every day for many moons to come, a mixed print dress should definitely be on your radar. And when paired with crisp white sneakers, an ankle boot, or even your favorite strappy sandals, it really can work for any occasion. Best of all, since there’s already a lot going on in the dress itself, you don’t even have to worry about the accessories – that’s quite the cheat sheet for those short on time.

Rixo is of course one of the first brands that comes to mind, being the OG of contrasting contrasting prints in a cool yet curated way. But it didn’t take long for Asos, Warehouse and Nobody’s Child to catch on quickly, and there are now a host of options available to suit every budget and style.

So if you’re looking for a stylish stripe combined with a feminine floral – or even a hint of animal print – look no further as we’ve found our favorites below.

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